Latest Games for android free download 2017
Latest Games for android free download

Latest Games for android free download 2017

Android is the operating system developed by Google; many software developers are developing games for Android. In these days Android operating system run and use by many different communities. In the current era, games are designed and drawn up with more high graphic and more playing functions. These are some vital functions deliver by Android like cross multiplayer, inviting friends, pass and play and so on. There are several numbers of games on your mobiles app store. In the past few years, before the Android came up, a lot of people play old version games like puzzle bubble and Sudoku. After the androids establishment, the games are getting better as compares to old ones. After the successful in gaming Android also plays a significant role in mobile software. As well as in the field of Launchers, wallpapers, Educational and much more.

 Major Types/ Categories of Games

Today’s Android games are full of actions, but there are many classes of in the Android that the player must know.

  1. Action and Operation

These types of games include fighting, jumping, and the challenging games. According to action games, you need fast boot Android operating system to play these kinds of games. Action games include Assassin creed, hitman sniper, and Gangster Rio and much more.

  1. Simulation and Pretense

These types of games are used to train the professional, whereas airplane simulation first trains the pilots. In these kinds of games, you can learn to control an automobile and aircraft. These games are highly used by professional companies to get to control vehicles and automobiles.

  1. Adventure and episode

These games are like traveling all over the world; it is the single player game. These games can start with the story, which tells you how you can complete and climb the mission.

  1. Sports

These types of games include sports game likes, baseball, basketball, soccer and much more.  Sports games are professionally played by the real player of sports and games. The most favorite games are eight ball pool, FIFA, WWE super card and much more.

Top Five Games for Android

  • Battle Bay: This game is release by Rovio the games developing company.
  • Crosswords with friends: this game is developed by the game developing company, Zynga.
  • Galaxy on Fire 3: this game is improving by the sci-fi shooter franchise.
  • Injustice: this game is growing by the inspiration of DC comic character.
  • Kill shoot virus: the franchise also develops this game; it has the zombies as the villain.


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