GTA San Andreas Game Cheats
GTA San Andreas Game Cheats

GTA San Andreas Game Cheats

GTA San Andreas game cheats is a famous producer in adventure level and action game. GTA was introduced on 26 October 2004 For PC and Xbox. GTA game was developed by Rockstar North. The game is a person who is a gangster and works for his boss and takes the risk of his life. GTA San Andreas is in the San Francisco, Los Angeles and Los Santos. GTA is a famous video game of his time and days also plays d now the days in high sealing level. The main character of GTA was very different for his cutting Tattoos and chains. And vehicles of GTA game was the traditional like the bicycle, cars jetpack, helicopters, boats nad railway runways. The game was officially famous by his different Cheats like weather changing vehicle Changing dressing and other different environmental changes. The rockstar developers develop this faculty in game in the beginning of game in 2005 the main cheats of game delicious

Basic GTA San Andreas Game Cheats List

  • 1. HESOYAM                                for the Vehicle Repairing and Health
  • 2. PROFESSIONALSKIT                 for weapon setting
  • 3. STICKLIKEGLUE                       for vehicle handle
  • 4. FULLCLIP                                 for No Reloading of weapons
  • 5. BTCDBCB                                 for healthy body
  • 6. KVGYZQK                                 for shorter body
  • 7. VKYPQCF                                  for increasing power
  • 8. NATURALTALENT                       for understanding the weapon
  • 9. SPEEDITUP                               for speed up the game
  • 10. SLOWITDOWN                        for slow up the game speed
  • 11. AJLOJYQY                               for people fight each other
  • 12. GOODBYECRUELWORLD          for died
  • 13.LIFESEABEACH                        for party music like beach
  • 14.BGLUAWML                            for people fight with heavy guns
  • 15.SPEEDFREAK                          for Speed up the cars
  • 16.FLYINGFISH                            for boats  flying
  • 17.CRAZYTOWN                           for Funny house environment
  • 18.BUFFMEUP                              for body up
  • 19. WORSHIPME                          for Respect me
  • 20. HELLOLEADIES                      for SEX
  • 21. NINJATOWN                          for NINJA environment
  • 22. ROCKETMSYEM                     for Rockets
  • 23. GHOSTTOWN                        for increased traffic
  • 24. KANGAROO                          for Jumping’
  • 25.EVERYONEISRICH                  for fast traffic
  • 26.CFVFGMJ                               for foggy environment
  • 27.TOOTDAMNHT                       for a hot day
  • 29.ZEIIVG                                 for green signals
  • 30.ALLCARBOOM                       for cars destroy
  • 31.AUIFRVQS                            for rainy environment
  • 32.EVERYONEISPOOR                for reduce traffic
  • 33.JCNRUAD                              for bombs
  • 34. LLQPFBN                             for Pink traffic
  • 35. PLEASANTLYWARM               for very sunny day
  • 36. NIGHTPROWLER                   for Night
  • 37. CWJXUOC                            for Sandstrom
  • 38. SCOTTISHSUMMER               for thunderstorm
  • 39. ALNSFMZO                           for overcast environment
  • 40.CJPHONEHOME                      for heavy bunny hop


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