Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PC Cheats
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PC Cheats

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PC Cheats

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is a famous name of gaming word was released on Microsoft and Xbox on 7 June 2005. This game was very successful of the time and also in present word. This game`s special this was its character. The game was officially played with all type of PC like Pentium 4 Windows 10, 7 and also in XP. This game was very different and high playing facilities like a single man who was in a city and works for his boss and pass the levels for them like a mission. GTA is also known as the adventure game and mission level game. GTA was famous due to his Cheats like all game changing faculty that’s like you can easily change your vehicle weather and other mainly different changes you wants to change in your game. In GTA San Andreas there is the map of four cities Los Angeles, Los Santos, San Fierro, and San Francisco there are the main cities in this game. GTA San Andreas PC cheats were launch in July 2005 due to this the games like this faculty and by more games of GTA in now the days this game is the play on all over the word. grand theft auto san andreas pc cheats list is below

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PC Cheats List

  • 1.WORSHIPME                                    for Respect me
  • 2. CRAZYTOWN                                  for Funny house environment
  • 3. IOWDLAC                                      for  Black Traffic
  • 4. BAGUVIX                                       for Health
  • 5. YSOHNUL                                      for Faster Clock time
  • 6. SPEEDITUP                                    for speed up the game
  • 7. FULLCLIP                                       for Ammo
  • 8. AUIFRVQS                                     for Cloudy weather
  • 9. BGLUAWML                                   for people fight with heavy guns
  • 10. ALNSFMZO                                  for Overcast weather
  • 11. CFVFGMJ                                    for Fogy weather
  • 12. NIGHTPROWLER                          for cool  Time at night
  • 13. SLOWITDOWN                             for slow up the game speed
  • 14. PLEASANTLYWARM                      for Sunny day
  • 15. OFVIAC                                       for yellow envirement
  • 16. LLQPFBN                                     for Pink Traffic
  • 17. CWJXUOC                                    for Sandstorm weather
  • 18. SLOWITDOWN                              for Slower Gameplay map
  • 19. SCOTTISHSUMMER                       for Storm weather
  • 20. TOODAMNHOT                              for  hot Sunny day 2
  • 21. SPEEDITUP                                  for Faster Gameplay map
  • 22.AJLOJYQY                                      for people fight each other
  • 23.GOODBYECRUELWORLD                  for died
  • 24.LIFESEABEACH                               for party music like beach
  • 25. CVWKXAM                                    for Oxygen in water
  • 26.SPEEDFREAK                                  for Speed up the cars
  • 27.FLYINGFISH                                    for boats  flying
  • 28. FVTMNBZ                                      for Country Traffic
  • 30.BUFFMEUP                                      for body up




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