Geometry Dash Apk
Geometry Dash Apk

Geometry Dash Apk 2017

If you are one of the people that are searching for the game which is named as Geometry dash apk and couldn’t find it because you are afraid that it might be not on your mobile platform. But don’t worry because today we will be suggesting you the best things about the game which is Geometry dash, it is present over the android platform APK. The game is famous for its amazing and spectacle graphics that it presents to the customers. It has some of the easiest controls for a game; it was developed by the Rooftop Games in the year of 2013. It is a game which is released over steam and mobile, it was initially developed by the Sweden-based developer Robert Topeka, moreover he published it on his own company which is named as Rob Top Games. It is a musical platform game that gives you the sensation of music while playing the game, which has more than 21 levels and more than 30 million online levels which have been created by the online players. The main attractive thing about the game is that it has unique music background in every level. Moreover you can set the level as per you like you can decide what changes you want in the game and how you want to play it you can choose whatever you like. Other features are that you can choose which map you want to choose, you can edit the level, user created levels, secret coins and game modes as well as user coins, two shops and three secret vaults in the latest versions. The game was removed from the stream on 30 January 2017 but it was re-added later.  Here we will be talking about that the game can be downloaded 100% from here. This is the full version of the APK Geometry Dash it can be played over the Android platform or over your laptop or PC. It is the full version of the Geometry Dash which can be easily downloaded from here. There are other people also who also say that they are giving the complete version of their game but they are not honest as the game that they offer is not 10% real. Full version of the Geometry Dash APK can be downloaded it from here easily and without any problem, it’s simple and easy as people around the world are doing it for free.

Game play of Geometry Dash Apk

The game is very simple and easy due to which it got famous and broke many records among people. The game has the very easy controls in order to play the game you don’t need any special kind of knowledge, the game can be played on the computer as well as mobile phone also. In order to play the game there are simple and very easy controls which are that the user must control the different character which is assigned to him during the game. The vehicle can be controlled by simply tapping on the screen, the speed of the vehicle cannot be controlled as it controlled by the game.  The user can only change the direction of the vehicle, the vehicle or the object that the user has been assigned must reach the end of the particular level without getting engage with any of the obstacle. The game is simple that the user has to control a vehicle and controls its direction and help it to reach the end, moreover you also have to collect the three secret coins that are given at each level, and they are hidden the user has to find them during each level. If the user while playing any particular level the vehicle gets integrated by the obstacle then user has to start the level once again from the beginning. The game will be offering you different objects as well as different objectives to complete in a particular level, it might be of the speed of the vehicle or whiter it might be about the obstacles that come in the way of the vehicle. If the user completes the particular level with the prescribed time and with the requirements then the user gets the icons or colors of main level which can be used by the user in order to make purchases icons, death effects or trails.


The game has different reward to offer to the user who is playing the game, it might be of  collecting a certain number of stars, completing the certain Demon-rated levels, completing official levels, adding friends, liking or disliking a certain level that has been on the online. After completing the achievements in the game the user is offered icons or colors that can be used in order to make purchases by the user it might be icons, death effects or trails.

Secret Vault

The game has a special feature which is that there is a secret vault; there are three types of vaults which are present in the game. The first one can be unlocked by using the silver (verified) user coins, the second vault can be unlocked using the diamond coins, and the third one can be unlocked using the emblem.


The game consists of level of 21, in which 18 can be played in the beginning of the game without any requirements. In each level the game consists of three coins which are secretly hidden in the game that the user has to found it. There are over 63 coins in total which can be used to unlock other levels. There are some levels that are easy and can be played by anyone who has a little skill of the game, while on the other side there are some levels that require special skills and master in them.  On the other hand the online levels get harder than official levels because they have been created by the other users.  Geometry Dash has a practice level which lets you to practice of any level that you desire, in case you lost or hit any obstacle then you don’t have to start from the beginning you just can start it from the point where you crashed.


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