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Games for Android

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There are games which are being produced that you can enjoy over your smart watch, yes this is possible that there are number of games for android that you can enjoy over your smart watch. There are some people which still have the confusion that is it possible for the games that can be played over using your smart watch. If you still don’t know about this then I suggest you that you must read this article because today we will be talking about the games that you can play over your smart watch. It is a bit of difficult for you to play over your smart watch but it is very easy and lovely as you can start playing games while using you smart watch, which means where ever you are sitting you can start playing games over your smart watch. There are number of games that are available over the Android wear platform and today we will be discussing about the games that are among them:


This is the most amazing and the loveliest game ever produced, this game has the best background simple and easy game. There are some people which still doesn’t know about this game but let me tell you that this game is wonderful and very easy as everybody can play it. This game can be enjoyed by simple using the game which is meant like in a way that it is match game which means that there are different tiles in the game with a number upon them. You have to adjust the tiles in such way that the tile reaches the number of 2048. You have to match tiles to reach the number of 2048.  This game is free of cost but there are some in-app purchases which are offered in the game. The game is best as you can kill minutes while playing the game while standing in a queue.

Emerald Chess

This game is of Chess which is a wonderful and lovely game, as initially it is a bit difficult because the screen is small and you have to play but as you get used to it is very good because you can start the game wherever you want and play it. The game offers local multiplier zone which means that you can play the game with your friend. The game has a price tag of $1.33 and there are no in-app purchases.

Ladder Rush

The games for android is simple and very easy as you to help a boy to climb the ladder, it is simpler to the game that in which you have jump the way around in ruder to reach the top. But in this case you have to climb the ladder. You have to help the boy climb different kinds of ladder through which he will clear the level. You have to cover up all the obstacles and don’t get caught. You can collect the coins on your way when you are climbing the ladders. The game is free of cost but if you want to enjoy the extra features then you have to make some in-app purchases. Best game for the person who is patient and help the people around. It has simple and very easy controls as well it has simple and good graphics.


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