Games for Android
Games for Android

                              Games for android TV box


Games for Android, after the advert of android TV box there are number of games that can be easily enjoyed over your television without any problem. There are some people around the world who are still curious that is it confirm that android TV can be used as a gaming source and people can play games on it, then I suggest you that you must read this article as today we will be talking about games over Android TV box. Although it was a good launch by the android but still most of the people think that android TV box needs improvements. In the mean while android TV box is making great changes in its television though which people are able to use their television as there gaming stuff also, Number of games are present over the android TV box. There are some games which require the need of a gaming controller but there are also games that doesn’t require any kind of controller hence you can play the games on your television box using your smart phone, television remote or other.  Android made a promise that it will bring its game over the television hence it has proved its promise moreover there are some big names that you can enjoy over your television screen while sitting in your home. There are number of games that are present over the android TV box, but today we will discuss the best of all:

The Bard’s Tale

This game is one of its kind, infect this game was among those games that were initially released over the Android TV box. The game starts as RPG among android games as well, the game is simple you have to manage your way though the world, the character you will be controlling will be named as Bard. The game has over 15 hour playtime, more than 15 different levels, It includes over 150 pieces of gear over dozens of stuff that you can do. The game is complete you don’t have to any in-app purchases; its price tag is around $1.99.

Crossy Road

This game is good game with a huge number of players; the game is not that deep but the game is friendly, family, quick to play as well as enjoyable overall. The game is simple and easy you have to cross the road or stream without getting hit by the car or not falling into the water. The game is fun as it can support multiplayer, leader board and achievements. The game is free of cost as there are some things which have to be bought inside the game, so there are in-app purchases.

Grand Theft Auto

One of the best game that has been ever produced, after the release of the Grand theft auto over the android it became one of the most played game ever over the platform of android. This games for android contains more than huge levels, with a big number of side missions that has to perform to carry the game to the next level. It has been designed in such a way that the game is in huge cities, you can roam freely around the city complete various jobs. Does anything as you want; currently there are four games of Grand theft auto that has been released over the android.


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