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If you are searching for the best game for your tablet which must has all the latest graphics features and all the additional features then I suggest you that you must read this article because today we will be talking about the best games that are offered for your android tablet.  Playing games on tablet is very easy and simple as you can enjoy more graphics that means you will also enjoy the game more. Some people consider that playing games for android is only meant on tablets as the developer also develops the games in such condition that the controls are far away and much easier. Some game developers are making such games that allow the users to play them on their mobile in portrait mode.  So in the end playing game on the android tablet is way better as well as easier then compared to other devices. Here are some of the best games that are being offered on android tablet.

Baldur’s Gate I and II, Ice wind Dale, Planescape: Torment EE

This game is the coolest game that has been ever shifted from the PC to the tablet as it has the most complex and the most difficult game plays tools ever. But thanks to the tablet that makes it easier for the user to use it as the controls are wide spread over his tablet. It has a price tag of $9.99; remember that the price of $9.99 you are going to pay is not only for a single part. This price is applicable for all of the four parts that are being offered.


This game is best in its own kind as the features and the game play this game includes are not being found in any other game. This game is made in such atmosphere that the whole game is build up in the most adventurous game ever. You are the hero of the game and of the world you have to save the world from the bad guys as they have united together to destroy the world, it has amazing game play as well as wonderful graphics. It has a price tag of $4.99.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Geometry is not an ordinary game in which you will be fighting with other planes or spaceships while when you attack those fireworks happen like some fairy tale. No this game is unique and wonderful in its graphics as they are providing the users with the most real game play ever. This game will not be giving you the graphics of 2D instead it will be giving you the function to operate the most of the game in 3D. The graphics of this game are sharp, wonderful and amazing. This game has over 100 levels, 12 battle modes, 15 3D grid components and more. It is a bit expensive but the quality they give is worth it, there are no in-app purchases.

Grand Theft Auto Bully

Rock star has been providing us with the some of the best games for android that are being ever produced. Above of them all are the most famous and the most phenomenal Grand Theft Auto series, the series consists of five parts as well as they also have created some games that are record breaking. GTA san Andrea has been considered as the best game of 2013. Bully is also a huge success for the rock star games.



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