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Games for Android and you can’t find the games that you can play over your Android as well as I phone. There are times that you have gone through in which you have seen your friend playing a game and you like it and you want to enjoy the game on your mobile but you didn’t know that your friend owns a I phone. If you are facing the same problem then I suggest you that you must read this article because today we will be talking about the games that are playable on both of the platforms IOS and Android. There are times when you are having an Android smart phone and your friend is having an IOS and you both want to enjoy the same game while connected to each other in multiplier mode. Hold on because in this article we will mention the games that run on both IOS and Android as well they can be played on multiplier mode which means you can enjoy playing games with your IOS friend from your Android mobile phone. Here are some of the games that can run over the IOS as well as Android:

Fun Run

This game is very simple and made in with very easy controls, this game has very simple graphics and this game is capable of running over the IOS as well as Android. This game is free of cost; there can be maximum of four players that can play the game. The game is very simple and easy you have to control a character which is running and you have to run through certain area, while on your run you will collect some of the things that will be given to you in order to boost your energy as well as jump or other aspects.

Muffin Knight

This game is for the people who love wars and stuff like that in old times. As this game is made in such atmosphere that the player has an army it has to control and look after their kingdom from the other kingdoms and have a good relation with other kingdoms. Your friend can have another kingdom which might be against you and you can fight battles with your friends. The game is of very simple and easy controls; the game has amazing and wonderful. The game has a price tag of $0.99 and there are no in-app purchases.

Words by Post

If you like scrabble then I suggests you that you must try this game because it is the best game which is so far made in such contest. You will be given seven words through which you have to make a word; you will be awarded points according to the number that is written over the word. You have to make different words out of those seven words. It is very easy and adorable game; you can check the meaning of the word by simple tapping over the word. You can improve your rating by making the highest score. Games for Android, It is a great game as it has the best options to play with, if you haven’t played this game before then I suggest you that you must check the free ad edition that means there will be ads but the game will be free of cost. The real game has a price tag of $2.99.



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