Factory Reset Protection
Factory Reset Protection

What is the Google Factory Reset Protection or Google FRP?

The Factory Reset Protection or FRP is a security measure to maintain factory reset assurance. The Android update to 5.0 Lollipop includes a security measure that collaborated with Google in order to secure your phone including the files included in that phone and your personal information.

Before the Android 5.0 Lollipop version of the android operating system, when you lost your phone, gets stolen, or when somebody else tries to access your phone without permission by factory resetting it, another person who uses the phone can get pass by it even if you set up a password in it. He or she will just factory reset the phone to gain access to it.

However, such thing cannot be done anymore with the Google Factory Reset protection. This update incorporated in the Android 5.0 and up version prompts a person to input a Google account previously logged into the phone after factory resetting it. If the person knows one or more Google accounts that was previously logged into the phone, then he or she can just use that account to be able to get through with the Google account verification. However, if the person does not know any Google account that was previously logged into the phone, then he or she will not be able to access the phone and use it after factory resetting it.

A lot of smartphone brands nowadays incorporate the Google Factory Reset Protection including big brands like Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, and Google Pixel.

The smartphone world is really gearing up towards highly securing the privacy and rights of their customers and phone users. In fact, the Android 5.0 update with the Google Factory reset protection is followed by the Android Marshmallow update that incorporates a more rigorous security feature which sets the privacy of certain applications. Therefore, not all apps can get accessible by a person anymore. So for instance, if you do not want to show your photos to someone else who may want to use your phone, then you can set the privacy of the camera or gallery to secured so that he or she will be unable to access your photos.

Now, if your problem is how will you be able to get through a smartphone after factory resetting it in case you forget your Google account? This may become a problem that is difficult to solve at first. However, people found a way to get through this and to Bypass Google account. The method can be accessed when you click the given link. In that site, you will find a step by step procedure on how you can Bypass Google account verification after factory resetting your phone.




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