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Download Free apk Games

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If you are searching for the Download Free APK games then I suggest you that you must read this article as today we will be talking about the best games that you can get over your APK platform. These games might be paid or free, they might be latest or old games. There are some people who see someone else playing the game over there mobile but they don’t have information about the game, so they can read this article about the best and the most wonderful games that have been ever produced. Here on this article, we will tell you about the best articles that have been created and we will discuss their game play and requirements and everything beside it.

Subway Surfer

This game is created in such atmosphere that you are a boy and you have created a graft on a train while the policeman has watched you doing that so. So in order to move on in the game, you have to run fast as you can and avoid all the obstacles in your way. Jump on the train and avoid to get crashed, the major part of the game is to run from the policemen and collect the coins that come in the way, collect all the achievements that get in your way and use them to go far away from the policeman. The game got popular because of its great and amazing graphics and easiest controls.

Piano Tiles 2

It is the second edition of the game that was earlier released by the same corporation which was part one but this time it is part 2. The game is simple and fun as there are cats which are also playing the game. There is a line of 4 keys in the game you have to get the black key when it falls to it you have to click or tap on it and the game will move on as with the music rhythm. There are a number of levels which people around the world have played and broken the records.

Score! Hero

If you have the addiction of playing football or soccer on your smartphone then you must give this game a try because it has the best features and the most fun game of football. It has very easy and simple controls which are used to play the game. You have to manage the ball which is to be passed to other player or by kicking the ball to another player which is far from you. The game is fun as you have to tap on the ball when the user has it and then slide to the other player onto which you want to pass the ball.

Hay Day

The game is for those who are the lovers of the farms, and they want to set up their own farm but they couldn’t so this game is for them. The game is simple as you will set up your farm, milk cows, collect eggs do farming and complete daily goals and missions.Download Free APK games


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